Canon Zoom In On Canon promotion
Terms & Conditions



1. This promotion is only available between 01.01.2020 until 31.12.2020 inclusive (the “Promotional Period”). If this is extended details will be available on the sales upload website at

2.The incentive is open to sales staff members of selected independent retailers of Canon consumer imaging products. Please contact the Zoom In on Canon hotline on +44 (0) 2075732385 to check whether your company is eligible.

3. All participants must be eligible persons who are employed by the selected independent retailer and not working notice or under disciplinary proceedings. Not all store locations of the participating retailers may be involved.

4. Staff who become employed after the incentive has started may be able to participate at Canon’s discretion in accordance with the rules set out below.

5. All staff who wish to participate in the incentive should provide the required details as specified in the incentive material. The required details are full name, unique email address, store name and store address. For Ireland we also require your PPS number.

6. Staff can register at any time during the incentive but please note that staff will need to register before 12.00 midnight on the 7th day of the following month in order to claim for eligible sales achieved in the previous month. For example, staff would need to register by 7th April to be able to submit claims for eligible sales in March.

7. Once registered, all participants will be given a unique username and a password which will act as confirmation of registration. This will be emailed to the individual by (who is acting as an agent of Canon) to the email address provided.

Login details are sent only when the participant’s registration has been approved by the relevant Canon Account Manager.

8. Once submitted sales have been validated for payment by Canon, any staff that does not yet have a Canon Branded Prepaid Card will be issued a new card via the post. A PIN number will be sent to you under separate cover and upon receipt of this PIN staff may use their card with immediate effect. Staff with existing Canon Branded Prepaid Cards can use these to receive the rewards from this incentive. All incentives owing will be paid directly onto the card for your use.

The card is sent only after the first automatic redemption request has been submitted and processed and not when the first sales are approved.

9. All participants will have the right to opt out of the incentive via the relevant link on promotional emails.

10. All Participants must have their employer’s express permission to participate in this incentive.

11. All Participants are deemed to have agreed to be bound by these terms and conditions. 


12. Store staff sells a qualifying product and uploads their sale to the ZIOC web site

13. Claims must be uploaded within the month that the sale has been made e.g. all sales in November must be uploaded in November. There will be a 7 day grace period in the following month for any last minute sales to be uploaded. After this, no more claims can be made.

14. Companies who have a telesales department will need their staff to upload their invoice number instead of a serial number. Companies will then have to submit a report at the end of each week with report with the following for verification: Invoice number/Product sold/By which sales staff member.

15. Canon will approve sales throughout the month.

16. Auto-redemption of points for all approved (not claimed) sales in the previous month will happen on the 1st and on the 16th of the following month at 12am GMT. 1 point = £1/1€.

17. Canon will be paying by mid of each month for all claimed and approved sales in the previous month. It is not possible that a sale is claimed, approved and paid within the same month

18. The auto-redemption will apply to all approved sales so the accounts could be zeroed out

19. The card can be used to pay for goods at any outlet which takes the Visa symbol but cannot take cash out at ATM.


20. The list of products which are included in the incentive (and the monetary incentive value attached to each) can be found at . The products and amount of monetary incentive value may vary each month (at the discretion of Canon). Any such change will be communicated via email and on the sales upload website. It is the responsibility of each participating member of staff to regularly check the list of incentives products/monetary incentive value from time to time.

21. Sales must be made during the incentive period to be eligible for rewards and will be subject to validation by Canon.

22. The minimum activation set won’t apply for the new redemption scheme (Formerly, for UK it was 20 points equal to 20GBP).

23. There will be no complimentary points given upon the account creation as with previous ZIOC promotion.

24. Staff must provide honest advice to customers at all times in respect of products and should not encourage a customer to purchase a product included in the incentive in circumstances where it is clear that a different product that is not included in the incentive would be more suitable.


25. The currency of these cards will be GBP if the Participant is resident in the UK and EUR if the Participant is resident in Ireland.

26. Any sales in dispute at the time of payment which later prove to be eligible will be paid at a later date.

27. The Canon Branded Prepaid Card can be redeemed for goods or services anywhere VISA is accepted. You can use the card up to the unspent amount uploaded for you by Canon, on your prepaid account. You can check the unspent amount of your reserved balance and the transactions you have made using the card, as well as other relevant information relating to the card, online at It is the responsibility of the participant to pay any fees with Wirecard® Prepaid VISA card. If the card is used for purchases outside the UK (if you are resident in the UK) or Ireland (if you are resident in Ireland) there will be an exchange fee of 3% applied to all transactions.

28. Your Canon Branded Prepaid Card will be received together with a ‘Prepaid User Guide’ booklet, relating to the use of the card. Using your card will indicate your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The card will need to be signed on the back when it is received. The card cannot be redeemed for cash; neither is it a credit, charge or cheque guarantee card and cannot be used at an ATM or to obtain cash back in stores. Change will not be given from any purchases but any balance remaining may be applied to future purchases.

29. You will be unable to use your card for any amount which would exceed the available balance on your card as there is no credit facility available.

30. The card and any balance remaining will expire on the date printed on the card. No refund will be given for any unused funds after this date. You may check the balance on your card at any stage online at

31. If you lose your card or it is stolen, you may lose any funds on it.

32. The card owner only should use the card. Please keep a record of the card number for balance enquiries or to report the card lost or stolen. Canon will have no liability whatsoever for lost cards and lost funds.

33. Damaged, altered or cancelled cards will not be accepted by retailers.

34. If you need a replacement card for any reason, or if the card is lost or stolen please contact the Prepaid hotline +44(0)330 223 6316.  The lines are open from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT (excluding public holidays).

35. Your card to be cancelled if suspected your card has been used in a negligent or unlawful manner. If the card is found later, contact the Prepaid hotline again as soon as possible.

36. See the Terms and Conditions accompanying your Canon Branded Prepaid Card for full details.

37. Participants must not utilise their Cards in any way which is in breach of the terms and conditions for use of the card or which is in any way improper or in breach of anti-bribery law and regulation.  Participants must comply with their employer’s anti-bribery and corruption policies and procedures when participating in this incentive and/or when utilising their Cards. Participants must not utilise their Cards to offer, promise or give a financial or other advantage to another person in order to induce that person to perform a function or activity improperly or reward such performance.

Other awards

38. Any other awards that are subsequently offered as part of Zoom In on Canon e.g. a Prize Draw, will be subject to separate Terms and Conditions which you will be notified of at the time the award is announced.


39. The unique username and password determined at registration should be kept confidential and the username used in all correspondence relating to the incentive. Under no circumstance will the administrators of this promotion request your password. Do not supply your password in any circumstance.

40. After the launch, all information regarding the incentive e.g. a change to products or values will be emailed to the email address provided at registration. Participants should read all emails to ensure they are aware of any changes or modifications to the incentive and these Terms and Conditions. Any amends will be communicated to participants prior to their commencement.

41. Information on which products are currently being incentivised will be available to individuals on the sales upload website at all times. Individuals will also be able to view a summary of their Zoom In on Canon account via the sales upload website.


42. For UK participants, Canon will pay tax and National Insurance Contributions on all awards at the basic rate. Participants are responsible for declaring awards to the tax office if they are a higher rate tax payer. Full details of the awards earned and the corresponding Tax and NIC Liability or a Certificate of Tax Liability can be obtained from Canon on request. For Irish participants Canon will pay the tax, PRSI and USC arising on the awards directly to the Revenue Commissioners. The awards will be re-grossed accordingly to ensure that no additional Irish tax, PRSI and USC charge arises for the recipient in respect of the award. Full details of the awards earned and the corresponding payments made to the Revenue Commissioners can be obtained from Canon on request. Please contact an independent tax advisor if you have any queries.

Participants may request a certificate detailing their awards by contacting The Tax Manager, Canon(UK) Ltd, Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, CR20DG, 01737 220000.


Please email  or contact the Canon hotline on +44 (0)2075732385 (Monday to Friday 7am to 5pm excluding public holidays) if you have any questions about the incentive structure or awards.

For questions related to your sales status please contact your Canon Account Manager who is responsible for approving/rejecting the sales.


44. The promoter is Canon (UK) Ltd. of Woodhatch, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 8BF. 


Canon will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury of any nature howsoever caused, sustained by any eligible participant under this incentive. However, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall have the effect of excluding or restricting Canon’s liability for personal injury or death caused by the proven negligence of Canon.

46. Canon shall not be liable for any failure to fulfil this incentive where such failure is caused by any supervening circumstances amounting to force majeure. Such circumstances shall include, but shall not be limited to, severe weather conditions, fire, flood, war, earthquake, riots, industrial dispute, terrorism, acts of God, supervening legislation, or events, which, without the fault of either party, render performance impossible or incapable of satisfactory execution.

47. If for any reason the Dealer Accreditation Agreement is terminated, Canon reserves the right to terminate the incentive and shall have the discretion to award payment for qualifying sales achieved up to the date of termination of the Accreditation Agreement if registered and submitted correctly by the 7th day of the following month.


48. By registering for the incentive, each member of staff agrees to the use by Canon and its authorised agents of the personal data supplied at the time of registration and during the incentive for the purposes of managing the incentive.


. These terms and conditions and any disputes arising out of or in connection with them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and will be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.